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SOLT/UK Theatre and Equity Creatives Agreements (Designer, Directors and Choreographers) – COVID-19 Variation Agreement SOLT/UK Theatre and Equity collaborated to agree on a variation of the agreements for set designers and costume designers, lighting designers, choreographers and directors, designed to support the recovery of the industry and give members more confidence if they want to attract creative collaborators for future productions in these uncertain times. Apart from the conditions mentioned in the document, all other conditions remain, as stipulated in the relevant agreements. Members of AFM Local 40-543 know that their organization is actively lobbying to promote laws and public awareness, which protect the interests of musicians, negotiate collective agreements with the phonogram industry, the film industry, the jingle industry, television channels, public television and national radio, and offer their members excellent wages and working conditions. MU RoyaltiesInduction who are we? The Department Royalties in its current form was established in July 2011. It is a small department with two collaborators (Phil Kear, Royalties Official and Shirley Sandys, RoyaltiesSupervisor) based at the MU in London. What do we do? The Department Royalties collects revenue from music users (record companies, film companies, advertising companies, production companies, etc.) and distributes it to MU members and other musicians as part of a series of commercial agreements. For the most part, we take care of the recipes for session musicians from the later or secondary use of the music on which they performed. A simple example: if a musician was booked to record the support of a commercial pop song to be released as a single, the musician would probably be paid directly by the label and the Royalties department would not be involved (primary use). However, if the recorded song were then synchronized to a television screen (secondary use), the licensing service would collect a fee from the advertising company and distribute it to the musician above. The main tasks of the Royalties service must be completed at regular intervals: `Increased bills for music users` – Getting revenue from music users and comparing it with invoices` search for musicians online for charged music purposes- Calculating and allocating the correct income share, each musician by invoice – Search and update Contact and payment data for musicians for distribution of revenue (including research on musician discounts) – Processing and sending payments and declarations to musicians – Managing musicians` licensing issues In addition to the licensing section above, is responsible for collecting and recording all completed and signed „Session Agreement“ BPI forms received by musicians contractors and labels. A regular extract of the data from these forms is sent to PPL so that they can supplement the data from their directory database.

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