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Sask Building Trades Agreements

You will find the application file on Alternatively, the offers will be sent by email, which are clearly identified in the „Grader“ section to This possibility can be downloaded on This tender is available on MERX and all changes, supplements, details and other instructions will also be published on MERX. This option is limited to suppliers qualified as suppliers to the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA). Swift Current Comprehensive High School is eliminating its main electrical service. The project envisages the provision of a new 1200 amp-600 volt power plant for electrical services and the engine control centre. The project also includes the elimination of the existing main electricity distribution, the engine control centre and the building control cabinet, as well as the connection to existing distribution facilities. As part of this project, a new concrete budget padding must also be put in place. All respondents must register with in the city`s e-submission system. This allows the respondent to download the invitation document, ask questions, receive addendum and email notifications, and make their offer through the auction system. SaskWater currently owns and operates the Edenwold Village Drinking Water System, which includes a water treatment plant and surface water ditches for spring water. The quality and quantity of sufficient source water has been identified as a problem for the Community`s long-term sustainable supply of drinking water.

SaskWater is investing in the development of a new drinking water system in the municipality through the construction of a new transmission line and related work for the water supply of the city of Balgonie in Edenwold. Premium Notification is directed to As a unionized contractor working in Saskatchewan, we encourage you to join our association and have a voice for the future of our industry. RM of Mayfield No. 406, box 100, Maymont SK S0M 1T0, e-mail: To accommodate the new 347 / 600 volts, 3,000 electrical service equipment of the ample by maintaining the energy energy of the old saskTel electrical service will pass to SaskPower transformation with a transformer greenhouse on the east side of the building. In order to create space for the new service switching system, one of the existing 2.5 MVA transformers, connected to the current main order, will be removed at the beginning of the project. Once the new service is installed and put into service, existing 600-volt advances are intersected and all medium voltage devices are removed. SaskTel e-Mail at (Please include the legal name of the company and the names of the users, including the email address that is available on the Ariba account that must be invited specifically for this occasion) Bidders must provide all requests for the offer documents at least 3 business days prior to the conclusion of: Single Procurement Service SaskBuilds CONSTRUCTION OF A SHORT SPAN BRIDGE on No.

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