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Wiley Open Access Agreement

If you sign your license agreement in Author Services, please choose your mandated funder to ensure that the corresponding license is available to you in accordance with your funder`s guidelines. If you do not identify a licensee who has a licence mandate during this transaction, it may be necessary for the copyright or open access contract to be resigned at a later date in order to bring the article into compliance. Simon Fraser University APCs are fully covered for fully open magazines at a maximum of 2500 CAD. For funding policies, please visit the SFU Central Open Access Fund website. Centre for Biological Research (Szegedi Biol`giai Kutat-k-zpont) – Contact: Technical and Economic University of Budapest (Budapesti Mészaki és Gazdas-gtudom-nyi Egyetem) Contact: Contact: Contact: Central European University (K-zep-eurepai Egyetem) Contact: Corvin – Contact: University of Eetvs-Lorennd (Eetvs Lorénd Tudomnyegyetem) – Contact: National University of public service (Nemzeti Kzszolgéla Egyetem) Contact: – More Natural Sciences Research Centre (Termestuzet Contact: Semmelweis University (Semmelweis Egyetem) – Contact: Szent Istvén (Szent Istvén) – Contact: University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem) – Contact: University of Pecs ( University of Pécs) Pécsi Tudom-nyegyetem) – Contact: University of Szeged (Szegedi Tudom-nyegyetem) – Contact: More information University of Veterinary Medicine (Llatorvostudom-nyi Egyetem) – Contact: – Funds currently unavailable for this institution From 2nd March 2020 , authors linked to Uk institutions may participate in the Wiley Jisc agreement, first publishing to the author research and review articles in one of the fully gilded Open Access or Wiley Hybrid (subscription) magazines, open online magazines with no open access fee. Companies for which Wiley publishes may decide on a different policy. Wiley will continue to inform companies of all discussions on service agreements and article processing, appropriate confirmations with quotes and links to the final version published on the publisher`s website, as well as clear licensing conditions for the use of copyrighted material. For more details on these agreements and agreements, choose your funder: 1If you don`t order OnlineOpen at first, your manuscript will be published under the traditional access model.

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