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Agreement Has Been Concluded In English

In the meantime, no EU investment agreement has been concluded, but time is running out. Once the contract is terminated, it may have expired (for example.B. on a preset date) or have been terminated (for example. B by one or both parties, according to the criteria set out in the agreement). David Somers, Executive Chairman of Rangers, said: „This agreement was reached to demonstrate the importance of both parties to our relationship. As you will see in the excerpts below, entering into a transaction or other multi-party agreement is to conclude/conclude/agree/process. The fundamental answer to your question is therefore „yes“, „contract concluded“ means that it has been agreed. [with incrimination] Formally and definitively „an attempt to conclude a ceasefire“ „negotiations for the conclusion of a new agreement have failed“ (an agreement). Oxford Dictionary More than half of these agreements were concluded before 2013.

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