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Bloom Framework Agreement

Our team of contract managers will closely monitor and manage the contract until it is concluded to ensure that all steps are completed. They only pay for what has been delivered. NEPRO`s supplier-neutral managed service solution was introduced by NEPO in 2012 to help public sector buyers appoint and manage specialized professional services, while achieving better results and improving value for money. By selecting our dynamic supplier market, which includes large companies, SMEs and the third sector, we will identify and assist the list of choices of the most suitable providers, quickly identifying and hiring new suppliers if necessary. All tenders will be subject to feedback to ensure the exchange of information between public sector providers to improve future results. Bloom is headquartered in Newcastle and has branches in London, as well as employees throughout the UK. Together with the successful buyer and supplier, we develop high-quality specifications that are fully IR35 compliant, based on results and value. Our team of category experts will work with you to develop a quality specification focused on the results of your project or program and exchange knowledge and best practices from our library with over 4000 specifications. This may or may not have a direct impact on the client/buyer, depending on whether the consultants` offers contain this 5% and therefore the order collected or whether it has been absorbed by the consultants as part of their offer and has therefore not been paid directly by the client. Bloom is a private company appointed as a delivery partner by NEPO following an open OJEU process. NEPO has appointed Bloom as the delivery partner for the solution, bringing a wealth of experience and know-how to the partnership.

Cardiff Council needed a solution to deal with an unprecedented demand in cases of social assistance to children. .

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